I'm thrilled to have joined this venerable union that does much to protect its members. Actors and other practitioners are often expected to work for free, or are vulnerable to other pressures; thanks to SAG/AFTRA, and EQUITY in the UK, much is being done to look out for those who often have the least say. While there is still much work to be done, strength in numbers makes this more achievable.

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Kurt Schwitters - "degenerate artist"

I recently had the immense privilege and pleasure of portraying the German artist Kurt Schwitters for a pilot film ("Brothers of Italy") based on real life events surrounding WW2 internment camps. As ever with historical characters I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to portray them as accurately as I can. In truth, more often than not, the characters I've played have been some of the most despicable, but a sense of duty to the subject matter means not shying away from the darkest aspects of their personas. All the more wonderful it was to this time play such an influential gentle artist and touch upon his tumultuous life. More to follow, but in the meantime here's a very blurry, quickly taken 'backstage' photo of me and one of the man himself.

Congratulations, Diane Kruger & In The Fade

Absolutely thrilled at the success Diane Kruger, and her latest film "In The Fade" (directed by Fatih Akin) are having. In addition to Diane's much deserved win for Best Actress at Cannes, In The Fade won Best Foreign Film at the Golden Globes. A movie of great importance in these trying times, with a lead performance of tremendous depth, it's a shame it wasn't picked up for the Oscars.

I'm inspired by Diane's bravery to return to working in German, in Germany, after many years of living and working abroad, and I look back with fondness on a brief spell of working with her on The Infiltrator.

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Homage to Robert David MacDonald

Yesterday I had the absolute privilege, and complete pleasure, to come together with some fellow actors and creators who have worked at the Citizens Theatre over the years, to perform David's adaptation of WILLIAM TELL in a rehearsed reading. Such a wonderfully generous person and practitioner, I like to think he would have been tickled by the performance.

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Time for some comedy!

I'm not generally one to complain about my job, especially given the wonderfully diverse opportunities I've had, but I always think I'd love to play more comedic parts. Especially of the very dry variety. Well it turns out that I'll soon be able to do just that in an hilarious project by a frankly ridiculously talented group of people! More to follow... :) 

I'll always miss this wonderful boy

It's been a while since I've posted. And while the saying is true that life goes on, you sometimes just don't feel like business as usual. It was with an incredibly heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to my gentlest of friends, my companion and confidante.

I rescued him once. Though it was he who chose me all those years ago in Battersea. And he saved me time and again. From myself, Februaries, the occasional heartlessness of London and and and.
He gave me 13 years. Unconditional it was not; my food was his and he helped himself to it. He was a Lurcher after all, Old English for thief, and he stole my heart.

Rocco, 2003 - 2017

Coming soon!

Check out the trailer for the upcoming SS-GB produced by the lovely folks at Sid Gentle. The brilliance we've come to expect from screenwriting duo Purvis & Wade comes to life under the talented direction of Philipp Kadelbach.